Joint Creative Technical Services LLC (known as ‘JCT’) is a limited liability company licensed under the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (license number 692013) to provide fit-out services and renovation of properties to customers across Dubai. The main objective of JCT is to offer turnkey fit-out and renovation solutions to commercial (hotels, offices, restaurants and retail stores and outlets) and residential (houses and apartments) property customers whether landlords or tenants across the territory of Dubai. Our business is built upon strong organizational behaviour, professionalism, quality service, ethics and relationships. Property owners and retail shop tenants come to us for a range of fit out and renovation services due to local knowledge, expertise, execution capabilities and most importantly honesty and integrity that sets us apart from the competition. We have a well-respected management team, technical architects and experienced designers and expert technical professionals and workforce who are encouraged to think outside the box to ensure successful conclusion of projects. We aim to make a difference in the renovation and remodeling field by working your way. We provide competitive prices and always work in line with customers budgets. Our ambition is to make customers life easier and always exceed expectations.


The words, ‘Joint’ and ‘Creative’ have special meaning to us.

JOINT: Joining forces with our customers to develop long term relationships, which is crucial in achieving our vision. We are in fact delighted that repeat business and customer recommendations form a large part of our business to date.

C: ‘Creative’ ideas and practical bespoke solutions
R: ‘Reliable’ and professional service
E: ‘Expertise’ in project management from inception to approvals
A: ‘Attention’ to detail and quality deliverable
T: ‘Total’ services in line with customer objectives
I: ‘Interior’ design and customization services
V: ‘Value’ creation through cost value engineering
E: ‘Exceed’ customer expectations

Our Vision

We are a committed, honest and reliable team who has a vision and the passion to become one of the leading companies in the fit-out and renovation sector by putting customer first and by delivering consistent quality service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a professional and reliable service and above all personal attention. Addressing all your fit-out and renovation needs and delivering quality end product at competitive pricing is our top priority. We live where we work and take immeasurable pride when we see our customers happy every day. Our customers are our partners.

Management Team

  • To achieve our principles, we encourage team work and full cooperation.
  • The company is very loyal to its employees who are provided with a performance reward structure and satisfaction to know that they are a valuable asset as the business without their hard work and commitment would not achieve its principal objectives.
  • The culture of our management and employees is associated with high level of integrity and honesty, proactive and responsive communication in addition to being enthusiastic and easily accessible to customers.
  • We believe in sustainable and professional business practices and implement proper internal controls with strict health and safety standards. The Board consist of professionals with great experience in the fit-out and renovation arena and is run by experienced Western management.
  • Our evolving organizational structure is presented below.